6 Month Smiles - 6 month braces

Six month smiles also know as 6 month braces or short term orthodontics is a procedure that was first developed and marketed by a Dr Rick DePaul who in addition to treating patients dedicates a lot of time teaching this technique to dentists all over the world and the system was first branded as "Powerprox 6 month braces" which you can read more about on his website www.sixmonthbraces.com This was later developed and branded by his student Dr Swain as 6 Month Smiles. Since then, 6 month braces have become one of the many leading solutions to dental alignment issues amongst adults.

While the aesthetic aspect of wearing braces can be a primary concern amongst patients, another major concern remains the length of treatment. Traditional braces are usually required to be worn for anywhere between two to three years making treatment times fairly lengthy However, the six month smile braces offer something altogether different with the period in which a brace must be worn coming in at around only six months. This is a period of time significantly lower than the one traditional methods dictate.

In addition to this reduce usage period, six month smile braces also offer some aesthetic benefits. While not as effective as comprehensive orthodontics, the device is able to make use of thin wires that are coloured to match the patients’ teeth and therefore reduce visibility.

Six month smile braces can be used to treat stick out teeth conditions, gaps, crowding and both over and under bite related problems.

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