What are the different types of Inman aligner available?

There are currently four versions of the Inman aligner available on the market. They offer treatment for misaligned teeth, flared anterior problems, and instances of cross bite.

The standard Inman aligner uses labial and lingual coils for mandibular or maxillary incisal correction. This type is mainly used in fixing anterior crowding and rotations amongst patients.

Other variations include the white bow Inman Aligner, which utilizes its white colouring to disguise its presence. This colouring is due to the use of hard clear acrylic at the foundation of the design.

An even more aesthetic option for many is the clear bow Inman Aligner that does not have the wire running across the front of the teeth.

The new invisible Inman Aligner combines an invisible retainer with lingual active component to strong and more importantly discreet effect.

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