What are the drawbacks of using the Inman Aligner?

The initial period of Inman Aligner use can be of some minor discomfort to users with many finding their speech to be affected. Speech can remain irregular for up to two weeks after initial use with some risk of uncontrolled salivation or dribbling, before becoming acclimatized. Minor discomfort should begin to subside after a few days of use and after a week what little pain there may have been should have subsided. The mild and regular orthodontic forces created through its use should be relatively trouble free. Your dentist may recommend mild painkillers like paracetamol during the initial period of use. If discomfort is more noticeable or becomes more noticeable following the initial fitting period, you should immediately consult your doctor before continuing use.

It is important to understand that the range of movement that can be achieved through Inman Aligner use remains limited to the previous range of movement of the tooth itself. Furthermore, treatment is mostly limited to the front set of teeth, though some dentists have begun to use the treatment for alternative conditions.

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