What are the Inman Aligner alternatives?

While both clear and fixed braces were seen as an effective method of correcting irregularly aligned teeth, it was felt that the overall correction process was too long and expensive for the patient. However, braces have a higher success rate amongst users, with almost all-experiencing significant dental realignment.

Porcelain veneers represent the traditional treatment for enamel damage and tooth irregularity. Specially processed porcelain is bonded to the surface area of the affected tooth. It is crucial that the seal this creates remains intact as the seal it creates between the borders of the tooth, which prevents any kind of bacterial infection. Similarly, porcelain crowns are caps that fuse to the top of the damaged tooth with similar effect.

Porcelain veneers, while a popular choice, have come under some criticism for the intensive grinding of teeth required during the initial corrective positioning procedure. This is said to cause significant anguish to the patient.

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