What are the advantages of using the Inman Aligner?

Inman Aligners represent a simplistic type of orthodontic remedy with only one Aligner required for each course of treatment. The device can be placed on the teeth and removed with minimal difficultly.

The Inman aligner is easily removed and replaced which makes it ideal for those who may not wish to show off their aligner in photos and can therefore briefly remove it.

In previous times, some patients suffering from misshapen or discoloured teeth had turned to veneer treatments for help. The introduction of the Inman aligner finally offered patients with moderately misshapen and discoloured teeth a less extreme form of treatment which can eradicate the need for veneers altogether. However, in cases of severe dental crowding other treatment must be sought by the user.

However, the Inman aligner can also be used in conjunction with veneer treatment. In some instances, patients can have their teeth corrected using the Inman aligner prior to the installation of veneers.

Standard braces can take anywhere up to two years to correct a dental irregularity, yet the Inman aligner takes only six to sixteen weeks.

Inman Aligners require monthly fifteen-minute check ups, which usually find little or nothing of concern. In comparison, braces require regularly sessions of tightening administered by an orthodontist, which can bring discomfort as well as proving time consuming.

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