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Mr Inman’s Profile

Mr. Don Inman is the creator of the Inman Aligner. Don, a Florida based Dental Technician, invented the aligner in 2000, to quickly correct misalignment and orthodontic problems involving the front teeth.

One of the main reasons for the invention of the Inman Aligner, was to decrease dental practitioners' dependency on veneers for the correction of twisted, crooked teeth. To place veneers a portion of the tooth's enamel must be removed, which weakens the integrity of the overall tooth. Don felt there had to be a better option and so came up with the Aligner's unique two-pressured system, to quickly treat orthodontic conditions, without the need for veneers. Time plays a key factor in the decision someone makes in their choice of cosmetic dental treatment, so by producing a device which can straighten teeth within a small time frame, the Inman Aligner becomes a competitive choice to veneers, producing the same aesthetics results, while maintaining the structure and strength of the tooth.

Don's innovative system was at first only used by specialist orthodontists for specific conditions, but in 2004 Dr. Tif Qureshi saw the potential of the Inman Aligner and pioneered the device at his UK dental practice. Since then Don's device has gone on to treat a huge number of people, correcting a whole range of orthodontic conditions, including crowding, cross bites, gaps and lower arch correction, with some of the shortest treatment times of any dental device. With Don's pioneering system teeth can be beautiful, straight and stunning in as little as 6 weeks.

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