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Donal Inman is the brilliant mind behind the revolutionary Inman Aligner system. Using his experience of over thirty years working in the Orthodontic Laboratory profession, he is always striving to create new components and appliances for the benefit of dental and orthodontic patients across the world. His thirst for pushing the boundaries of cosmetic dentistry is boundless and he currently has three patents and three patents pending for new orthodontic products. Donal has won numerous awards for his inventions including the Crowning Achievement Award from the Florida Dental Laboratory Association, the Harry Hagman Inventors Award for the Inman Aligner and the Harry Hagman Inventors Award for the Inman Power Component.

Donal spends his time designing and manufacturing custom orthodontic appliances that help shape dental arches as well as retain teeth after orthodontic treatment.

When he is not dreaming up new appliances and components in the lab, Donal travels far and wide spreading the word about his inventions. He presents the benefit of his experience and knowledge at lectures both nationally and internationally

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