Will the Inman Aligner straighten my overcrowded teeth?


Hi Donal Inman.
I am 22 years old and wanted to have my teeth fixed when I was 13 as I noticed they were starting to shift.
My school dentist however said it was merely cosmetic and they wouldn’t do it. So I have never had braces but my front teeth in the lower jaw have shifted so that the two in the middle have started hitting each other and the one tooth is now behind the 3 other front teeth completely. Will the Inman Aligner work on such a big problem or will I need braces?
I dont have a problem with biting or anything it is just annoying me a lot and it is almost impossible to clean that one tooth thats behind the other.
Is there a procedure where one can have the teeth fixed like an operation?

I am in university currently and don’t have the biggest urge to be wearing braces as it clearly isn’t the best look.

So how does it look when you wear this aligner?

I sincerely hope you can help me with this question.

Kind regards 


It sounds like you will need fixed braces but today braces can be clear and the wires tooth colored so they hardly show at all.

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