Will the Inman Aligner fix my crooked teeth?


Hi, I wanted to know if i can opt for an inman aligner for my front crooked teeth if a posterior teeth is removed? Also can you provide me with a cost comparison of inman aligner & traditional metal braces? I have my 2 posterior teeth removed . 1 from upper jaw & 1 from lower. I am planning to go with inman aligner for curing the crooked teeth. Both my upper & lower front teeth have spaces between them & are extending outwards. But my bite does not have severe problems. Looking forward to your answer.



You still can have Inman aligners even with few missing teeth
If there are only 2- it should not be a problem

Obviously as long as the spaces are not causing issues it should be fine

Inman Aligners normally cost from £1400 -£1800 Per arch depending on the difficulty –

Metal braces are normally more but again it depends on severity

Hope this helps


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