Will the Inman Aligner fix my crooked overcrowded mouth for ever, or will I need a retainer afterwards?



I’m 20 years old and my wisdom teeth are currently coming through. I’ve always had slightly crooked lower front teeth but I’ve noticed as my wisdom teeth have started to come through my teeth have become either more crowded/more crooked.

I am looking into getting the Inman aligner from my dentist, but wondered if I do get it, is there a possibility that they will just go back to the way they were after I’ve finished my treatment? It seems silly to spend out all that money to have them go back to being crooked after a few years!

Also after the initial treatment do all patients have a fixed retainer? Or am I making that up?

Many thanks.



After all orthodontics you should really have a retainer -either removable or fixed
A fixed retainer is bonded and the best solution- a removable is worn every night

I would say 50% have a fixed retainer initially but eventually most patients end up with one

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