Why is my Inman aligner not moving my teeth yet?


Dear Tif

I have been wearing the Inman Aligner for 20 days for 20 -21 hours a day on my upper teeth. I don`t see any difference yet, which worries me. My dentist did the filing on 1 tooth on my 1st appointment. I am worried it wasn`t done properly or he didn`t create enough room. Also the back acrylic bar goes slightly over my teeth. I can see it from the front when I smile. Shouldn`t it be completely hidden behind my teeth to do all the pushing? My teeth do feel slightly wobbly, so hopefully it`s working….


Hi there..

usually you start seeing movement around now- its not always obvious to the patient but should be to the dentist

the back bar should not be slipping over the edge- it should be tucked in just behind the tip of the tooth- if it keep slipping tell your dentist and they may place an anchor on it to hold it

Slightly wobbly this stage is good!!!


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