Which is the best option for closing gaps, veneers, braces or fillings?


i have gaps throughout my mouth, which are highly embarrassing. I would really, really like to get them either filled with filling or capped with veneers or closed with braces. What would you say is the best and healthiest choice for me? I think i will be alright even if i have to have treatment that takes a few months as long as i get it fixed! What do you think i should do, which would be the best for the health of my teeth overall and last the longest?

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some of the options to fill gaps between teeth are:
– orthodontics, invisible braces, 6 month braces, etc
– veneers
– white fillings (if very small space)

The best option for you really depends on the amount of spacing you have. Orthodontics is a great way to close the gaps, but if your teeth are too small you may required a combined approach, ie braces first, then veneers

I would recommend having a consultation so you can find out which are the treatment options for your case.
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