What is the best way to clean my Inman Aligner



I have recently started wearing the inman aligner and i just wanted to know, what is the best way to keep it clean? Should I use brushes or put it in a glass like dentures? :) are there particular types or cleaners that are good for braces? I’ve heard that braces can sometimes have an effect on oral hygiene and potentially lead to decay and i really don’t want that, so any help you can give would be really appreciated

thanks for your time and any information you can give upon the matter


Because you can remove and should remove the Inman Aligner for meals and brushing decay is not an issue.
Just brush and floss like normal and clean the Inman Aligner with a Retainer Cleaner you should be able to find at a drug store, do not clean or soak it with anything that contains alcohol. Make sure to always maintain this routine as it will prevent any decay from occuring

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