What are the best treatments for making my teeth straight and white?


I watched a programme on TV where a lady had style makeover which included getting a makeover of sorts on her teeth. I really would like a similar thing, she had crooked front teeth and they were dirty looking and after her teeth makeover her teeth were lovely looking, straight and really white. where can I get this kind of thing done?The main thing is I want my teeth straightened so I do want an Inman aligner, do you think this will work and how long do I need to wear it?
I like the idea of it as it seems discreet, I feel embarrassed having a brace at 36 years of age. Would you b able to recommend where i could get the treatments?


there are many ways to improve a smile,ie veneers, crowns with or without teeth whitening or teeth straightening with or without whitening at the end. I would recommend you look for a dentist who offers all types of cosmetic and teeth straightening treatments so that you can fully explore your options.

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