The spring of my Inman Aligner seems to have loosened, is this normal?



i have been wearing my brace for about a month and was definitley seeing some improvement, but now, i dont know how, the back spring isn’t as tight, or well ‘springy’ as it was before. I dn’t know what has happened but obviously it isn’t going to be treated my teeth as well now as it was before. Do you think my dentist wil be able to fix the brace and if not, do you think it possible to get another brace, without having to pay again? I have taken very good care of my brace and I really don’t want to be paying extra for a potential unfixable malfunction.

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated
thank you


No worries…
The appliance is designed to be able to change out the spring to a heavier force or a longer section of coil. This can be seen in the adjustment video in the For Dentists / Download section of If you are using a certified dentist he / she will know this already and should have the coil on hand to adjust the appliance your next visit.


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