Teeth click away forwards and backwards when a bite. When will I have a normal bite?


Dear Dr. Qureshi,

I have got a question to you because of the time after treatment with the Inman Aligner.

I was in treatment in Cologne by Dr. med. A. I. (I don’t know if I could give his full name due to privacy) who is certified for the Inman Aligner. He has worked for many years in England and the United Kingdom and completed numerous training courses in the United States. Until 11th December 2012 he worked in a dental office in Cologne. But now in Cologne he has left the dental office.
Now he is working only in the dental offices in DÃsseldorf and Kempen.

In Cologne he has got a colleague who is certified for the Inman Aligner too (so he said to me). She was there while the whole time when I was in treatment by Dr. I.

Only if his colleague – so he said to me – does not know what to do, he comes to Cologne to look what to do.  Both jaws were treated in parallel at my request. The maxilla was treated from 06th July 2012 with the Inman Aligner to 06th November 2012 and the mandibula was treated from 31 August 2012 to 04th December 2012.

I’m happy now with my teeth.

The teeth were each fixed by Dr. I. with the retainer wire with a plastic “glue” – so does that feel and he told me that the teeth may feel a bit whobbly for a while (4 weeks or so) and I should’nt bite with the teeth while this time on very hard things.

The “plastic mass” to allow the wire to hold, according to information from Dr. I. remain around 2 years on it, and only then could / should his colleague remove something from the ground, so that the stability is maintained as long as possible. That’s how I understood it at least.

At this time if I bite something hard carefully it feels like that my teeth click a little away forwads and backwards.

Now I would like to know from you if you can tell me about when I can “normal” bite with my front teeth. How long will it at least take?

Please reply to my email-adress.

Thank you.


Hello. retainers need to stay on for life.. there are some patients who can become stable but there is only a 33% chance of this.
It sounds like your tooth might have come free from the retainers and it simply needs rebonding on again..

You actually should be able to bite normally now.. if your teeth are retained they should be fine to eat with…

I would suggest going back to get your wire checked to make sure it is firmly bonded..


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