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Can the Inman Aligner be used to treat my top and bottom teeth?

October 20th, 2011

Do the aligners come in pairs or is it just one aligner per treatment? My top teeth are really buck and my bottom teeth are very, very crooked so i think i could probably do with braces for my bottom teeth to make them straight. Is this standard with the inman aligner? also does the inman aligner come with a retainer, ive been hearing more and more about this and it just seems to make a lot of sense having something to keep everything in place after your treatment is done. Does this cost extra and if so how much?

thank you

Donal P. Inman

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How long does it take before you start to notice a change in your smile?

September 23rd, 2011

how long does it take before you start to notice the change the inman aligner has made to your teeth? I have been wearing mine for about the last month and haven’t really noticed an amazing different. I am trying straighten out my top teeth, which are gapped and just really, really wonky. I have felt some change but i expected more than i’ve got now. Do you think it could be to do with the tightness of the brace? Should I go to my dentist again to get it tighten up? this won’t have caused any problems to my teeth will it?
thank you

dr raha sepehrara

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Can the Inman Aligner treat both the top and bottom teeth?

September 8th, 2011

Hello, I am looking into Inman Aligners but both my bottom and top teeth need work…do Inman Aligners only work on the top teeth? If so, is there an alternative treatment you could suggest that would work on my bottom and top teeth? Also, I’ve researched Inman Aligners online and the ‘average prices’ I’ve seen have ranged between £1250 and £4000. What is the actual average price? And how visible are th aligners? I saw on the internet, that there are different types of aligners…could I possibly have any information on this? Thank-you very much

dr tif qureshi

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