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Do all braces require impressions of the mouth to be taken?

January 8th, 2013

My front teeth are crooked. I have regular dental care and I am 31 years old. When having previous dental treatment for fissure sealant I had a mould taken of my teeth and found it extremely unpleasant. Is tooth straightening treatment possible without such a mould being taken? This is one of the key reasons that I am nervous about such treatment. Whether the mould is warmed, cold or flavoured, I don’t think I would want to tolerate it. I hope you can give some helpful advice. I have read up about the various tooth-straightening techniques and they all seem to require the taking of moulds/impressions in the mouth.

dr tif qureshi

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How does the Inman Aligner sit inside your mouth?

August 22nd, 2011

hello doctor, i hope you are good today

Im looking into getting the inman aligner for my crooked teeth but i am still a bit confused about how it sits instead your mouth. I am taking a special interest in this, just because i have a bit of a strong gag reflex and fear that is the brace is too near the back of my mouth that is may cause an attack. Is the inman aligner situated away from the back of the mouth or should i look into other treatment options?

any help you can give would be brilliant and thank you for your time.

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