My son is 13 years old, is he too young to have the Inman Aligner?



what is the minimum age that you can wear the inman aligner at? My son is 13 and his front teeth are making him feel really self conscious and uncomfortable. They have started to affect the way he speaks and he is becoming more and more withdrawn as time goes by. The two front teeth protrude quite a bit, which is the source of all his problems. I don’t, however, want to put his teeth in danger by rushing into orthodontic work his teeth can’t take. Do you think he is a suitable candidate for your inman aligner?

thank you for any help you can give


He is old enough for what they call 2 phase treatment and though it is rare we have a few orthodontists who use the Aligner for phase 1.
Do you live in the US? I ask because to my knowledge only US orthodontists use the Aligner for phase 1. Also does your son suck his fingers or thumb or does his tongue thrust through his front teeth when he speaks? If he does either than he needs a dental appliance to help him stop and once it stops sometime the pressure of the lips will help guide his teeth back into a better postion. We have a Inman Habit Appliance that can be seen at that works great for this.

My advice:
Go see an orthodontist and be open to treatment with braces for two phase treatment, braces are still the best option especially with young people.
If he or she is open to using a appliance have them contact me at


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