My Inman Aligner treatment has finished but I do not feel happy with the results, what should I do?


Hi I finished my inman aligner over a month ago To which I felt only a small amount of progress had been made now I have a clear retainer which I’ve been wearing since that time on my last visit I was asked if I was happy with the result, I said no and he has taken new molds and is making a new retainer but I feel they are no where near the finished item.
the dentist seem understanding but I feel this method will take ages and I have weddings to attend in August

Please advise Doctor Qureshi


Hi there First of all I need to check who the dentist is.
Can you send a name/ practice address.

I need to check that a) they are actually certified. b)if they are, whether they use the support forum or not.

It maybe that this dentist needs a little help and advise to get the case completed and we are happy to do this.

Many thanks


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