My Inman Aligner feels a little loose, is this normal or should I get it checked?


hello doctor, i hope you are doing good today

i think my aligner has a fault on it as one side feels really loose. Is there anything my dentist can do or will i have to get another one? If the latter is the case will i have to pay for the extra aligner? any help you can give would be great, as i really don’t want to miss out on my brace work but i do no think i could afford another brace, im really, really hoping it can be fixed!. Hope you can reply soon and thank you for your answer in advance and for reading my email
thank you


Hi, your Inman aligner dentist may be able to tighten the aligner. If this can’ t be done then he can send the aligner back to the lab for assessment. I can’t say whether there will be a repair charge for this but your dentist will be able to tell you if the aligner has to be sent back to the lab

Best Wishes, I hope they are able to fix so you are able to continue your treatment

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