My aligner is still hurting my mouth after 2 weeks, is this normal?


my teeth and mouth feel pretty sore after my first 2 weeks with the aligner and i am worreid that it isn’t going to subside. is it usual to have the mouth and teeth still hurting after the first couple of weeks? I have to admit that it isn’t as painful as it was right at the start, but i just keep cutting my gums on the braces, which im worried will become infected. Is there anything that i can do to ease the pain of the braces and stop them cutting into my gums? Im using corsodol mouthwash, to protect my gums, but that is pretty painful in itself to be honest

thanks for your help Doctor


it is normal to have some discomfort for the first 1-4 weeks and the level of discomfort is very subjective. If the pain is still there because of the aligner rubbing, you could go and see your Inman dentist for some advice. hope this helps and good luck with the rest of your treatment

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