Is the Inman Aligner the best most cost effective brace available?


Does it seem likely that I will be able to have straight teeth in 6 months with the inman aligner? My front teeth are gappy and a little buck and i would really just like to smile again without feeling embarrassed and having to hide behind my hand. My teeth are in good health and I have never even had a filling but i have never really been happy with my smile ever since I got my adult teeth. I now have the money I need to have treatment, but I just need to know where to start to get treatment. TBH the cheaper the brace the better, but that being said I wouldn’t want to skimp on quality. From what i have seen the inman aligner is very well priced, do you think i will be able to have my teeth straightened with the inman aligner?

thank you


Both systems are great to correct misaligned teeth. You would require a full consultation to see whether you are a good candidate for both and once your dentist has examined you he/she will be able to say what is the best/cheapest/quickest option.

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