Is the Inman Aligner quicker than other braces?


My lower teeth have started to cross and I really badly want them straightening. I have been to the dentists and had an examination whereby he simply said “braces.” now I’m not being funny but I don’t want them! I have looked a lot at the Inman aligner which I like the look of. My first question would be; is it actually quicker than a traditional brace? If so, how much quicker generally speaking? The problem is that when I presented my dentist with the idea of having an Inman he scoffed and said that its not proper treatment!!! It goes without saying that he doesn’t provide it but there are local dentists that I know that do. Could you please advise me on crooked teeth and the Inman aligner and any possible reason why he would make comments like that saying they’re not proper treatment methods? Thank you


The Inman Aligner is for front teeth only and for mild to moderate situations, if your teeth are really bad braces might be your best option.

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