Is the Inman Aligner able to treat Adult Relapse?


is the inman aligner good for when someones teeth have gone back to the way there were before braces? I had wire braces on my top and bottom teeth about 5 years ago and slowly but surely my teeth have started moving bak again. Not as bad as they were before, but they are definitely more crooked than they were before. Would inman aligner be able to put my teeth back to the way they were and is there any way to make sure that they stay in this position forever? I really don;t want to have even more braces

thank you


Yes…it was designed for exactly this situation, Adult Relapse. You will need to wear a retainer or have a lingual bonded retainer for the rest of your life once they are straight again. All the articles written suggest that retention must be forever even if it is just a few nights per week. Hope this helps and good luck with any future treatment.

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