Is it possible to push teeth forward with the Inman aligner?


Is it possible to push teeth FORWARD with the inman aligner? I have teeth that kind of slant inwards, which has always made me look a little ratty. I of course would like to change this and because the inman aligner has a bar along the front and back I was kinda hoping that it would be the best solution for me? What do you think-am I barking up the wrong tree? :)

if I am can you tell me what brace is the best brace for me to straighten out my particular problem?

thank you for your time Doctor Sepehrara


yes it is possible to push forward some teeth, if it is the front teeth that concerns you. Remember the inman aligner straightens only the front teeth. I cannot tell if this treatment is suitable for you and would therefore recommend a consultation with a dentist that provides many types of teeth straightening treatments to find out all your options.

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