Is a root filling safe to have with the Inman Aligner?


Hi! I am soon to start my treatment with Inman aligner but I am a bit concerned about one of my front upper teeth. The two front upper teeth are tilted inwards and are also a bit rotated against eachother. After an accident twenty years ago one of them had to be treated with rootfilling. Is it really safe with IA for my tooth? It has always been more tender and also a bit thinner since the treatment. I had it bleached from within seven years ago and the result is still ok. There are also some fillings done to my front teeth, will this be of any concern? I am looking forward to hearing your advice and I would like to thank you in advance for any advice or help you can suggest to me. Thank you and kind regards



sorry for the late reply

yes this should be fine if the root filling has been done well and settled

the forces used by the inman are very light so in fact are safer than many other orthodontic techniques

make sure you do express your concern to your dentist


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