I wanted braces for me upper teeth but my dentists says I also need them for my lower teeth. Is this true?


Hi Tif,

I’m currently waiting for my inman aligner – However, I was told at my last consultation that we would find out soon whether I am to start with the upper or the lower – I actually only wanted the upper done, as you can’t see my lower teeth when I smile, so wasn’t that bothered about it. However my dentist tells me I might need both done, in case my bite changes, and if this is the case, then I’d start with the lower….could this be a case of “upselling” and charging me for 2 aligners when I’m only bothered about my top teeth?



Hi there..

Its not uncommon that the lowers are in the way of the desired movement on the uppers
and vice versa- I really doubt they would be treating an extra arch unnecessarily, but for your peace of mind it might be worth asking the dentist
nicely to explain why both arches need to be treated- when the aligners come back you will be able to see the original models and it will be pretty clear if he explains it well..

come back if you need more advice


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