I have damaged my front teeth but I do not have a dentist, what should I do?


I have recently returned from living overseas and as of yet I do not have a dentist.
Whilst living abroad I fell down a set of stairs at home and cracked my front two teeth at the bottom. At first I didn’t see the cracks as they are almost invisible but as they were causing me pain I looked in more depth and spotted the cracks.
What is the best treatment for these? So, far I have been cautious when eating hard foods but it is starting to take over my life.Locally there are no dental surgeries as i live in a small village but the private clinics in the bigger cities seem overwhelming and I haven’t got a clue about any of the treatments available Any advice would be great!


I would recommend you book in for a dental examination with a dentist to have x-rays done to see if there are any further fractures or if there are any infections or if the nerve has been affected by the accident. Once you have had a clinical and radiographical examination the dentist would be able to tell you if anything needs doing and the cost.

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