I fell while wearing my Inman Aligner, can the damage be corrected?


i fell on my face whilst wearing my inman aligner, and now im really worried that i have put the whole system off balance. The brace certainly feels looser than it did before and i am worried that it won’t be straightening my teeth properly anymore. I am planning to see my orthodontist as soon as possible but i was just wondering about the likelihood of the brace being damaged beyond repair and if that was the case what would happen? Would I have to pay for another brace to be made and sent to the practice?

any help you have would be really great, because im just so worried!



Its pretty unlikely that it could not be repaired

Especially if it still fits in your mouth-
Im more concerned your own teeth are undamaged and it is important to get them checked asap.

If it is damaged a repair will not cost the whole cost of the treatment again-
Repairs depending on the damage can range from £50- £150 – a new aligner- might be around £230 if it is a remake- but this is unlikely

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