I don’t want metal braces for my severely overlapping two front teeth. What are my options?


Hello Dr Tif,
I’m a young lady of just 25 and I’m very worried about my teeth. My two front teeth are severely overlapped and have now started to push each other and twist each other so that they are turning almost to face each other. It’s becoming a nightmare as they’re becoming increasingly difficult to clean and there is constantly some kind of food stuck in them. And on top of this, they’re really unattractive and people have been commenting on them. But I don’t want to get a full metal brace for just two troublesome teeth and walk round with metal stuck to my teeth. Well I was just wondering if you thought a different kind of brace would do the same thing and would be better suited for me and if so which one? Thank you!


hi there..

it might be that the IA is suitable for you
it is quite good at dealing with twisted front teeth
its all about how twisted they are..

feel free to take some photos of your teeth and email me on tif@inmanaligner.com

I can at least tell you if I think IA might work for you


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