I can generally only wear my Inman Aligner for 17 hours a day, is this enough?


I have had my Aligner since Friday and have now established a wearing pattern.I can wear it for 14-17 hours a day depending on what is happening.The minimum will always be 14 hours.The hours of wear are not consecutive (normally 12 hours in a row and then blocks of either 1-2 hrs or 30 minute bursts.
In addition one of my front teeth is very roared and overlapped and reading things on various forums is making me concerned as to whether or not this will work with the wear time I can manage.

Is this an acceptable were time habit?
Will it still work?


Hi there I think if you can manage put to 17 hours and no less than 14 you willl be ok.
it might take a bit longer but not by much!

Try more on the weekends if possible
If you can push it up to a regular 18, it will fly! best of luck with your treatment Tif

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