I am getting pain on my back teeth after getting Inman aligner treatment. Can you advise?


Hello, I have been feeling pain around my back teeth since I have started my Inman aligner treatment. Is this normal? It isn’t painful, per say, it just seems to be a little tender and itchy and a bit irritating. Could it be on too tight and can I go to my dentist to have it altered so the fit is a little looser? I am in very good oral health and always take the time to make sure I brush, floss and use mouthwash so I don’t think it could be anything like gum disease or decay. What do you think Doctor, do I have anything to worry about? Any advice you have would be great thanks for your time doctor


It is most likely the teeth that the appliance is anchored too are sore because of the pulling and pushing force going on. As your teeth start to correct this should go away but please know there is no harm in seeing your dentist regarding anything that concerns you.


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