I am a boxer who works as a receptionist, would the Inman Aligner be a good brace choice for me?


I have buckled teeth at the bottom of my mouth at the front and severe gaps at the top of my mouth at the sides because I had a couple of teeth taken out when I was 12 as my mouth was too crowded.
I do boxing semi-professionally and wondered if the Inman aligner would break or snap if there was contact to my mouth?
I have researched them the Inman Aligners online and have watched some videos on YouTube but so far I haven’t chosen a dentist as I keep changing my mind about the type of treatment I want.
My day job is a receptionist at a legal company so it is important I can speak clearly and communicate well. Would the Aligner impede my speech at all?
Do you think that the Inman aligner is for me or should I be looking at other treatments?


Hi there

you certainly should not wear the Inman Aligner while playing contact sports- In fact any braces are unwise.
the good thing about the aligner is that its removable and only needs 16-18 hrs a day anyway

if its for your lowers, it isn’t too bad for speech- uppers is worst

best thing is to see a certified trained dentists and see if they think its suitable


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