I am 65, what brace options do I have for straightening my teeth?



can I please have some information of the inman aligner for somone of 65? My teeth have been crooked all my life and are now causing health problems as they are hard to clean. I know i could just have them all out and put in dentures, but i really hate the thought of that and if it was possible to have straight teeth without having to knock all my teeth out i would most definitely prefer that. Is this treatment the best type of brace treatment for mem or should I consider other treatments>?

thank you


there are various options available and the best option for you would depend on the severity of your crowding. The options available are:
-six month braces
– inman aligner
– lingual braces
-damon braces
– clear braces

I would recommend a consultation with a dentist that provides all of the above so that the health of your teeth can be assessed and you can be informed of the best options for you.

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