I am 47, am I too old for dental treatment?


As a result of an accident when I was a child, I have had a crossed over front tooth all my adult life on my upper left hand side of my mouth. I am 47 years old now, is that too old for this treatment?

I also have a bridge crown to fill a missing tooth on the upper right hand side about half way around, it is anchored to the tooth behind the actual gap. Would the Inman aligner still work on my mouth? I only need to work on the upper teeth as my bottom teeth are nice and straight.

Finally, do you know of any practitioners for this type of appliance in the area of Corby, Northamptonshire?

Thanks in advance for your reponse.



You are never too old for this kind of treatment.!
The bridge might be an issue, but as long as it is not in the front 6 teeth it should not be a problem

The best bet is to check the find a dentist section on the www.straight-talks.com site
or the www.inmanaligner.com site

Hope this helps


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