How long does it take before you start to notice a change in your smile?


how long does it take before you start to notice the change the inman aligner has made to your teeth? I have been wearing mine for about the last month and haven’t really noticed an amazing different. I am trying straighten out my top teeth, which are gapped and just really, really wonky. I have felt some change but i expected more than i’ve got now. Do you think it could be to do with the tightness of the brace? Should I go to my dentist again to get it tighten up? this won’t have caused any problems to my teeth will it?
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it really depends on the severity of the problem some treatments will take a few months to see a noticeable difference while others may take less, if you have any concerns speak to your Inman Aligner dentist. Please also note that you are looking at your teeth on a daily basis so small changes may not be as noticeable to you as they would be to your dentist. Furthermore ensure you are wearing the aligner regularly as advised by your dentist.

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