Do all braces require impressions of the mouth to be taken?


My front teeth are crooked. I have regular dental care and I am 31 years old. When having previous dental treatment for fissure sealant I had a mould taken of my teeth and found it extremely unpleasant. Is tooth straightening treatment possible without such a mould being taken? This is one of the key reasons that I am nervous about such treatment. Whether the mould is warmed, cold or flavoured, I don’t think I would want to tolerate it. I hope you can give some helpful advice. I have read up about the various tooth-straightening techniques and they all seem to require the taking of moulds/impressions in the mouth.


Hello,  Yes unfortunately you do need impressions- though this is normally just once or twice. How impressions are taken can vary dramatically – and some people are incredibly bad at it..some good.

Its might be better for you to go and see an orthodontist and have fixed braces just placed directly – with a skilled orthodontist. they sometimes don’t need mould at all


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