Could you explain how the Inman Aligner brace works?


Hello Tif I hope you don’t mind me saying but I am a bit confused by exactly how the inman aligner works. I understand the machanisms of normal metal braces or in layman terms I think I do but the idea of the inman aligner and the two components working together goes way over my head. Which is a shame as I think this treatment could work well for me – if only I knew what it could do with my condition. Would you be able to put it in to layman terms for me please? I hope to get me teeth sorted as soon as possible you see.


Hi there

its nothing difficult really- the Inman Aligner really only squeezes the teeth into line a bit like a sandwich.
whats clever is that the forces are very gentle but also get progressive and consistent meaning its fast and safe.
because its removable, means its even safer as the science back this up

because it operates with the squeeze effect, it means you cannot treat people with teeth way out the arch- and really its only for mild and moderate cases.

best thing is to go to a certified inman aligner dentist and see what they say!


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