Could the Inman Aligner make my teeth perfectly straight once again?


Hello, I am wondering how much roughly an inman aligner would cost me. I got my braces off 3 years ago, however, three of my front four teeth have moved ever so slightly and would like to make them perfectly straight again if I can. My upper left has moved back slighty and it is likewise with my upper right lateral and then again the upper left lateral doesn’t sit in the same position and the upper right lateral due to it being a little bit crooked. My bite is still fine as it is and is causing me know problems, but I just want then tweaked a little to make them very straight as possible as I stated earlier. If you can help and advise I would be extrremly grateful. Many thanks


Hello there and thank you for asking your question. The average fees are around £1400- £1700 for an aligner but make sure that you go to a certified dentist with a good portfolio of previous Inman Aligner cases!!


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