Can you treat overlapping teeth with the Inman Aligner



I have two front teeth, that kinda fold into each other if that makes any sense. I didn’t mind it for a while, but it has gradually got worse where i worry that my teeth are just going to be completely twisted and crooked. Theres an angle between the tooth at the moment, which is about 27 degrees i’d say. Do you think the inman aligner would be beneficial to correcting my condition? It seems to be for front teeth mainly, but i just want to be sure before i book a consultation, or at least get a second opinion.

Thank you for any help you can give me doctor


Hi I have treated successfully overlapped front teeth with the Inman Aligner. It really depends on the severity of the crowding. I can’t say whether you are an ideal candidate without a full examination and therefore would recommend going for a consultation to find out what is the best treatment option for you

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