Can the Inman Aligner treat both the top and bottom teeth?


Hello, I am looking into Inman Aligners but both my bottom and top teeth need work…do Inman Aligners only work on the top teeth? If so, is there an alternative treatment you could suggest that would work on my bottom and top teeth? Also, I’ve researched Inman Aligners online and the ‘average prices’ I’ve seen have ranged between £1250 and £4000. What is the actual average price? And how visible are th aligners? I saw on the internet, that there are different types of aligners…could I possibly have any information on this? Thank-you very much



Yes the IA can treat upper and lower teeth

Prices are normally per arch-

so £1250 is for either upper or lower

£4000 will be for both (thats quite high end though)

Average is about £1500 per arch- so £3000

They are mildly visible – more so than Invisalign however they are massively faster- and people will often put up with the appearance because they are so much quicker and you need to wear them for less time a day

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