Can the Inman Aligner be used to correct the bottom teeth?



is the inman aligner best for the top teeth, or can it treat the bottom as well? My jaw sticks out quite a bit, which makes me feel really uncomfortable and self aware in public. I would really like to get this sorted as soon as possible and i think the inman aligner is a quick treatment, so do you think it possible to treat me?
if not are you able or allowed to recommend any other types of braces, that woud be more suitable to my condition?

thank you for your time and any help you can give



You can treat upper or lower teeth.
Inman Aligner is only for mild- moderate crowding and not for anything too complex.

It all depends how bad your teeth are.

Have you been to see a dentist who offers it?

They will normally offer a range of treatments and can give you some idea. Many will also offer free initial consults so you can get some idea with no cost.


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