Can the Inman Aligner be used to correct my crooked teeth?



I want to get the inman aligner for my front teeth, as they are all crooked and twisted. I just wanted to know how does the aligner acutally sit in your mouth, is it just at the front or are there any attachments? I would also like to know how discreet the brace is as that would be something i am greatly interested in, as i would perfer ppl not to know tht i was wearing a brace. do you think that the iman aligner is ok for that? I would also like to get treatment as soon as possible if it seems like a suitable match.
 thank you for your help and time, and hopefully hear from you soon


If your teeth are too crooked and twisted the Inman Aligner might not work for you. It is designed for minor to moderate correction, not severe correction. Also people will be able to see it and it will effect your speech for a while. I would suggest Invisalign or Lingual Braces for your needs.

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