Can Inman Aligner straighten the damaged Bruxism has caused?


hi there doctor,

i suffer from bruxism, which has really ruined my once straight teeth. My teeth are now shorter, crooked and misaligned and it is really, really depressing. Do you think that the inman aligner would be able to cope with my problems? I know it won’t be able to completely cure my bruxism, but if i can just get back some kind of smile i would be very very happy!

if it isn’t the best treatment for me could you tell me of any other treatment that would be suitable? I truly am at my wits end!

thank you for your time



Yes the Inman aligner certainly wont cure your bruxism, but it cans still align short teeth-if the type of crowding is suitable
Sounds like they might need aligning then restoring with composite or ceramic restorations.

Obviously without seeing you its impossible to give you an idea what you need but the truth is that these things can be treated successfully.

Where are you based?

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