Can I wear the Inman Aligner on my top and bottom teeth?


Do most patients find it ok to wear the inmanaligner on the top and bottom teeth, or is it only best suited for one jaw? I am hoping to have both of my jaws treated, just because they are so unaligned, but if this is not possible what type of treatment would you recommend? Should I opt for a fixed brace instead and if so what would you say is the most discreet of all the fixed braces?
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it really depends on how complex your case is –

Normally people wear one aligner at a time-

If your teeth are mildly crowded- the aligner is usually so fast that you can do two arches separately and still be faster than fixed braces

if your case is quite severe then the IA takes longer and suddenly it might be more sense to use fixed-

the most discreet fixed is lingual ortho something like incognito
upsides are that is is truly hidden-
downsides -its stuck on feels awful for a few weeks too

Perhaps send me some photos of your teeth- and I can tell you how quick the IA might be for you to help you make your decision


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