Can I still have Inman Aligner braces with my tongue condition?


I have a tongue thrusting issue, which have caused problems with my front teeth, which now go forward, because of the many years with my condition. Would you be able to tell me whether the inman aligner would be a good choice for me in looking for a brace? Also, what can I do about the continued tongue thrusting and what can I do to stop my teeth from moving back to the way they were before, if my tongue thrusting is not treated properly I would really like a straight ‘flat’ smile for once in my life. Thank you for your help doctor


Hi there

yes it may well be possible to treat you with an IA- as with any brace though it will be the retention that is critical and this could involve a fixed bonded retainer
(which most people have anyway) and also using a night retainer to hold the achieved position

Obviously I cannot tell how severe your case is, and IAs can only treat problems upto a certain severity

where are you based? I can help find the best IA dentist local to you


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