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The Inman Aligner Guide is an independent guide to the revolutionary Inman Aligner rapid orthodontic system, which has become the standard for many cosmetic dentistry clinics offering teeth straightening procedures. This Guide aims to answer many of your questions and also give you the opportunity to ask one of our Inman Aligner experts a question.

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The introduction of the Inman aligner at the beginning of the new millennium signalled an advancement for some in the field of mild corrective dental treatment.

It has quickly emerged as an alternative to invisible braces. This treatment is ideal in cases requiring proclining where irregular teeth are forced forward and retroclining where the teeth must move backward. The Inman Aligner is also a perfect solution for many patients that suffer from orthodontic relapse.

In the United Kingdom, the treatment is beginning to gain popularity amongst patients looking for a cheaper and often easier solution to dental irregularity.

The Inman Aligner gives those adult individuals too self-conscious to apply braces to their teeth, with the opportunity for fast and effective dental realignment treatment

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